Corporate Information

Company name LEC U.S.A. Corporation
Address One Bridge Plaza, 4th Floor #468, Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024 USA
Office Phone 201-944-2316
Warehouse Address Nippon Express NEC Logistics America, Inc.
18615 Ferris Place, Rancho Dominguez, California 90220 USA
Corporate Mission LEC is an abbreviation of Life, Enjoyment and Convenience. We will provide smile and happiness to customers’ daily lives with LEC products and service. We hope both of individual users and family users enjoy our products.
LEC Group Policy LEC U.S.A. Corporation is one of LEC group companies. The head office of LEC group, LEC, Inc., is located in Tokyo, Japan. LEC group always listen to customers’ voices and improve our products and services. LEC group’s principle is to see everything from our customers´ viewpoints, and to develop products by putting us in our customers´ positions. All members of LEC group are eager to fulfill customers´ wishes. LEC group always considers about doing more to make our customers happy. LEC group constantly aims to make customers’ lives better.
Business Fields
  • Toys
  • Household goods
  • Wipes
Our Business
  • We do direct sale to individual customers through the LEC U.S.A. Online Store in the US.
  • We do wholesale to retailers and distributors in the US.
  • We produce both LEC brand products and private labels.
  • We import LEC products from LEC group companies.
  • We import private labels from LEC group companies for specific customers.
LEC, Inc.
  • 100% share holder of LEC U.S.A. Corporation
  • One of the biggest household goods manufacturers in Japan.
  • One of Japanese major private label suppliers in many categories.
  • Has thousands of SKUs.
  • Has its own factories in Japan and China.
  • The head office is in Tokyo, Japan.
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01/2015  LEC U.S.A. Corporation established
02/2015  New Jersey office opened
07/2015 Rancho Dominguez, CA warehouse operation started
08/2015 Launched 5 USA Train Series Starter Sets
05/2016 Launched 2 USA Train Series Accessory Expansion Sets
06/2016 Launched 32 USA Train Series Individual Accessory Products
08/2016 Launched LEC U.S.A. On-line Store

Job Opportunities

We are not hiring at this time.